Special Lens Can Invisible Mark

The luminous ink contact lenses are an excellent poker cheating device, enjoyed by many users from different countries. The magic power of these infrared ink contact lenses is a special lens can invisible mark on the back marked cards.

The luminous ink can be printed on the back of regular playing cards with special technology, with our spy invisible ink playing cards contact lenses, you can see those invisible markings clearly and secretly. As a professional marked cards manufacturer in China, we can print the infrared luminous ink markings on both plastic playing cards and paper poker cards perfectly, we have our specialized markings, of course, if you have your own design, we also can customize the patterns accordance with your specific requirement.

If you are the very first time to use these luminous reader infrared contact lenses, you may worry that whether these contacts have side effect of your eyes and the security of them.

Luminous Reader Infrared Contact Lenses

The special lenses for invisible ink markings we provide are all in professional quality, they processed through the strict process steps, and after manufacturing, our professional quality control staff will test the lenses and those professional lenses will stock in special ways. And before sending to our customer, the lenses will select carefully accordance with the need of the customers.

After you wearing the spy invisible ink contact lenses, you will find that your eyes color will not change and if other look at you, they hardly to find that you wear this magic spy contact lenses.

After ordering, there are several ways of shipping for your choice, which is means no matter which country and district you are in, you can get the parcel quickly.

If you have any question about the products or other what we can help, please just contact our enthusiastic sales.