Special Copag marked playing cards

Have you ever used the Copag luminous ink marked playing cards? These marked deck cards you can buy from our company. They are suitable to play many kinds of poker games in different poker game rooms.

Our Copag marked cheating cards are made with best invisible ink formula, with them, you can know the value and suits of each piece of card in a very short time. If you have these marked cards poker, you will be a magic soothsayer of the poker games. The Copag 4 PIP Jumbo index marked deck of cards are wider than the ordinary ones. The back designs came in two different colors - red and blue. Usually, there are two kinds of markings can be marked on the back of the Copag cards, a big font and suit or four small fonts on four corners of each piece of card. The marks are also in different colors. You can find the red cards with black or white marks. The invisible ink markings on the backs of red cards are better than the one in blue cards, in the same environment with the same marked cards reader, it is known that their performance is usually better than that of the blue cards.

Our company has many kinds of these Copag marked cards available, of course, if you want to have some special markings on the back marked cards, we can customize them for you perfectly.