Attentions of invisible ink pen contact lenses

1. What is best circumstance in using invisible ink pen contact lenses?

The best suitable circumstance is under the white light, especially the energy-saving light.

2. What should be care about when wearing infrared contact lenses?

Make sure you have washed your hands before wear the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes.

3. How to get adapted to marked playing cards contact lenses faster?

Before playing the poker games with contact lenses, it is better wear the glasses about several hours for adapting.

4. How long can be wear luminous ink contact lenses?

No more than 8 hours per days, it's the suitable time.

5. How to keep the marked cards contact lenses

The best way to keep them is in pure water. Invisible ink pen contact lenses are not normal contact lenses; they no need to keep in care solution.