Poker hand winner predictor PK King S708

Poker hand winner predictor is a magic playing cards trick for forecasting the marked cards game result. Here we will introduce the PK King S708 poker hand odds calculator.

PK King S708 poker predictor device is the latest playing cards analyzer software in the market, it has remote control and Iwatch. You can receive the poker game result by Iwatch and mini Bluetooth. However, besides the image and voice signal transmission, PK King S708 poker out calculator also can send the result in third way!

Before playing cards game, you just need to reset the way of receive game result in the PK King S708 poker calculator system center. Maybe the regular remote control of other poker hand analyzer can't help user to know the game result, PK King S708 poker analyzer can! For example, if you set the vibrator mode, and the remote control shaking two times at one time, that means the second poker player is the first winner.

PK King S708 poker hand out calculator can be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flash as well as other local poker games.