Poker Hand Analyzer For Regular Poker Cards

Poker analyzer for regular playing cards is an analysis tool for playing poker games. They are developed by Magician Entertainment Product Manufacturers which enjoys the excellent reputation for the high-quality products and service. All the poker hand analyzer for normal poker cards are equipped with the most advanced pinhole camera which imported from foreign countries.

The poker analyzer system is high-tech playing card entertainment product, it can be used in different venues, under various light; it is unrestricted, has a friendly operating interface, supports pre-set gameplay, very easy to operate. If you are the dealer in the poker game, you can control the playing cards that get the biggest point. Since it is a highly technical product with small size and high concealment, few people know it and fewer people used it.

Poker Analyzer System For Non-marked Cards

Our verification proves that the fast playing card is not only difficult to detect, but also the cards won't be clipped and leaked, because the slow playing card needs to control the speed of the playing card, sometimes the card will be leaked, and for the previous version playing cards analyzer software, most of poker cards will be leaked because of the low scanning camera parameters.

Not long ago, a famous magician tested the effect of this playing cards analyzer for regular poker, he used the fastest playing method, only 0.2 seconds, he played more than 40 cards, and the magician software made an easy capture and recognition for each piece of card, no one is wrongly recognized. Even the most skillful poker magician in the world, he can't achieve this even though he practices it over thousands of times.

This poker analyzer software supports single-player mode, one need 1 second, you can hear the best winner of the game by the mini earpiece.


  1. Easy to operate, with good stealthiness and strong technicality.
  2. Single-player operation no longer has a distance limitation, the poker hand analyzer supports all kinds of playing card games.
  3. No matter what brand of the ordinary card produced by the whichever manufacturer, they can be applied to the ordinary poker analyzer.