Poker contact lenses cheating

When refer to marked cards, the marked playing cards reader will come to mind. As we know, there are various kinds of playing cards reader are available in our company. The poker cheating contact lenses for invisible ink playing cards is one of the hot sale one.

The cheating playing cards contact lenses are same as regular prescription contact lenses, but just the appearance, it is not the prescription one. They are made with the newest Sandwich technology, using the most advanced laser staining system. The word Sandwich represents the 3 layers that make up the lens, as only the middle one is dyed and thus protecting your eyes from the stain material as it cannot touch them directly. After wearing, the luminous ink contact lenses just as if disappear and no one can find it, the color of your eyes are same as before you wearing them.

These magic marked cards cheating contact lenses can help you to see the invisible ink markings on the backs of any type of marked cards poker in different occasions. For example, private party, casino, poker club and so on.