Poker chip tray poker camera lens for poker analyzer kit

Poker chip tray is very common and useful in the poker games no matter in casino or private playing cards game. Do you know that it can be a magic poker scanning camera for helping user to know the game result?

Most of casinos have poker chip tray onto the poker table to collect the chips during the game. Because poker players bet by chips each other. When in a poker game, the dealer shuffles the cards, and put it in front of the chip tray to get ready for dealing. This is a good advantage that the chip tray poker scanner camera will scan the invisible ink barcode on the edges of the playing cards.

The poker cards chip tray scanning camera have a secret built-in poker camera lens in side for detecting the invisible ink barcode. It is very easy to control, when you prepare to use it, just press the button on the remote control to start.

The playing cards chip tray box poker cards scanner can be used with different kinds of poker hand analyzer kit, such as CVK 500 poker analyzer software, AKK A1 poker hand analyzer, AKK K4 poker calculator, AKK K5 poker winner predictor, PK King S708 poker odds calculator, PK King S518 poker out calculator and so on.

There are different size poker chip tray poker scanner camera for sale, if you want to order, just contact us and tell us which size you need.