Poker Cheating Device

Winning is not always in poker card games, so some playing cards cheating tricks will be adopted to get edges in both friendly games and casinos. There are many ways to do this, such as collusion, sleight-of-hand or using some physical items.

Following is some terms about the devices for poker cheating:


Cheating in this way need to cooperate with the dealer or other players. The dealer who has sleight-of-hand skill to deal the beneficial cards to the appointed person by bottom dealing or stacking the deck or misc ways. Of course, it is easier to manipulate to deal the best cards to dealer.

Collusion In Poker Games

Physical Objects

1. Marked cards. Many people knows marked cards, it is a good playing cards cheating devices, these cards are processed with the regular playing cards, but are printed with the luminous ink or altered by special technique that the user can know the value of each piece of cards with special infrared readers looking at their backs or using some special infrared scanners scanning at the edges, the ways of card marking are too numerous to mention and find, but most of them are made by the special marking cards printer machine with infrared invisible ink recipe.

2. Luminous ink readers. This series is includes many items, such as the infrared contact lenses for playing cards, luminous ink glasses that can see through playing cards, the infrared scanner for barcode marked cards and poker hand analyzer or other infrared ink reader or UV detector. But in a word, all these infrared ink readers are service for the marked cards or regular playing cards.

3. Hand mucker. In this category, there are several practical cheating tools are developed, the users can use a sleeve of a shirt or a regular T-shirt, call phone even the wallet and other mechanical handouts. All these cheating devices are specialized in switching playing cards.

Hand Mucker For Switching Cards


This way need practice a lot and only can work with perfect skill, excellent analytical skills and rational responding under any circumstances. The one with these abilities can know thoroughly and plan elaborately to get the advantage to win.

In Poker Card Game

Using some of the objects mentioned above is a behavior outside the rules of the poker games, and which is prohibited in some countries and districts. Before using them, confirm local laws beforehand is recommended.