Poker analyzer iphone

Iphone is a popular smart cell phone which popular by number of people, and the recently the launched of Iphone 8 and the Iphone X has made a hit. Do you have that the fashion and magic Iphone can be secret playing cards analyzer for predicting the poker games?

From the exterior design, the poker analyzer Iphone has no difference from the regular one, you can use it to surfing, to send message as well as make phone call. When in the poker card games, you just need to place this Iphone poker hand analyzer on the playing card games table, cooperating with a playing cards scanning camera for scanning the barcode marked playing cards, it will analyze the barcode information and report the accurate playing card games result for user secretly and clearly.

There are Iphone 5 poekr analyzer, Iphone 6 poker winner predictor, Iphone 4 poker camera, Iphone 5 poker scanner, Iphone 6 poker card reader, Iphone 7 poker spy lens in market. Are you interested in them?