Poker analyzer for Texas and Omaha

The first difference between Omaha poker and Texas Holdem poker is the number of hole cards dealt to each player before the flop. In Texas Holdem, each player is dealt two cards. But, in Omaha poker, each player is dealt four hole cards. 

The second difference is that we must use exactly 2 hole cards in Omaha. In both variants, any poker hand always consists of 5 cards. These hands will be a combination of hole cards and community cards. The way we use our hole cards to construct the 5-card hand differs in Holdem and Omaha. 

But no matter playing Texas Holdem or Omaha, you can use the same poker analyzer. There are many poker analyzers can install 3 to 5 poker winner systems, such as Texas, Omaha and 1040. For example, poker analyzer of CVK series have 3 casino game, while PK-King series poker analyzer have 5 games. One poker analyzer satisfy different game rules, I just want to say it really worth.