Poker analyzer for Omaha 6 poker card games

Compared with the Texas Holdem and Omaha 4 and Omaha 5 poker card games, Omaha 6 just has some rules are different, with our poker analyzer for Omaha 6 poker card games, you also can put Texas Holdem or other playing cards games into it at the same time.
When you play Omaha 6 cards, players will choose any of 2 pieces of cards after the dealer finishes dealing the cards and choose any 3 pieces of cards which are community cards to combine into the best hand of cards after dealer finishes dealing the cards. If you working our poker analyzer for Omaha 6 and invisible ink marked cards in Omaha 6 playing card games, the playing cards scanning camera inside the poker analyzer will read the barcode on the marked cards directly and send the barcode message to poker analyzer software automatically, quickly, this magic poker analyzer will tell you who is winners, and you will be able to know the results by wearing wireless micro-earpiece or by vibrators which will vibrate and you will know who is the winner by feeling the vibrating times.
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