Playing marked cards with the best invisible ink contact lenses

There are some poker tricks device in the market, and some marked playing cards only can be detected by the marked cards contact lenses.

With the sophisticated skill, the special contact lenses made by our technicians are suitable for every eye and are not harmful, they are made with the newest Sandwich technology, using the most advanced laser staining system. The word Sandwich represents the 3 layers that make up the invisible ink contact lenses, as only the middle one is dyed and thus protecting your eyes from the stain material as it will not touch them directly.

When you wear the special marked playing cards contact lenses, you will be able to see the luminous ink marks on the back of the each piece of marked cards instead of by naked eyes only. And there is more, you can wear the luminous ink contact lenses for almost 12 hours without worries, they will not cause any harm for your eyes.

Everyone can wear these invisible contact lenses and will not caused others attention. There are designed for all eyes with different colors. After wearing the contact lenses for playing cards, the surroundings color will just a little dark than usually, but it will no effect you to see anything. No matter what kinds of lights you are in, red, yellow, white, colorful, you can see the invisible ink markings on the marked decks easily and clearly.

The products we offer are various and in best quality, the prices are reasonable, and the most important of all is that they have received great praise from our old customers.