Playing Cards Cheating Devices

There are many kinds of playing cards cheating devices for sale, as a leading manufacturer of playing cards cheating device in China, we have various professional playing cards cheating tricks with favorable playing cards cheating device price.

The marked playing cards for sale. We have various marked cards poker, the contact lenses marked poker cards, invisible marked cards with barcode, undetectable marked deck of cards. All of them are processed with special infrared invisible ink formula, the invisible markings on their backs only can be detected by special marked playing cards reader instead of people naked eyes. Theses playing card cheating device price is very favorable.

Buy luminous ink reader kit. There are infrared contact lenses for playing cards, poker scanner camera, undetectable infrared poker camera for reading various playing cards cheating tricks. The infrared contact lenses for playing cards can read the invisible ink markings on the back marked cards, this magic playing cards cheating devices will not change your eyes color. The poker scanner camera need to work with barcode marked deck and poker analyzer, with this set, you can detect the barcode marked deck of cards with long scanning distance. For the undetectable infrared poker camera, it is used to be scanned the infrared ink on infrared marked poker cards, which is special one and only this camera can find its secret.

The poker analyzer software. Poker analyzer is an important playing cards cheating device in China, it is mainly used to analyze the poker game result. These functional playing cards cheating devices is very useful in various playing card games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Honda, Baccarat, Blackjack and so on.

If you want some unique playing cards cheating devices for special playing cards games, we can customize it for you.