Plastic Coated Playing Cards

From the material, the playing cards can be classified as paper playing cards and plastic playing cards. Plastic playing cards are made with plastic material, which can give player smooth hand feel and can be used longer time.

Plastic is a compound synthetic polymer, also known as macromolecules, commonly known as plastic or resin, which form and style can be changed freely. Plastic is a material polymerized by synthetic reaction or condensation reaction of the monomer, be made up of synthetic resin and extender, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, pigment and so on. The playing cards made with plastic are plastic coated playing cards.

Plastic Copag Texas Holdem Playing Cards

Playing card has two meanings, one refers to playing cards, also called poker, and another refers to games playing with playing cards, known as poker games. There are many sayings about the origin of the playing cards, some scholars in France, Belgium, Italy, and Egypt, India, and North Korea believe that the invented place should belong to their own country, however, it is unable to decide which is right because of the shortage of conclusive historical data. To date, the view widely accepted by Chinese and foreign scholars is that modern playing cards originated from a game card called Ye Zi Xi in the Tang Dynasty of China.

The Origin of Playing Cards

According to legend, as early as the end of the Qin and Han dynasties, during the War of Chu and Han, the general Han Xin invented a card game in order to ease the homesickness of the soldiers. The size of the board are same as leaves, the game called Ye Zi Xi (the Ye Zi Card long 8cm, wide 25cm, is made of silk and paper, and the pattern is printed in woodcut). It is said that it is the prototype of playing cards. In the 12th century, Marco Polo brought this card game to Europe, which immediately aroused great interest from Westerners. In the beginning, it was just a luxury for the nobility, but due to the cheap price, varied in gameplay, and easy to learn, it quickly became widely popular among the public.

Plastic Modiano Texas Holdem Playing Cards

The popular of the playing cards games make various derivative products be developed, such as marked playing cards, poker camera, poker analyzer, infrared luminous ink and misc. These products can increase the winning rate of user during the poker card games and give him huge advantage to control the whole game. But for player and dealer even the owner of casino or poker club, the products are different because of the different requirement and needs.

Modiano Marked Cards

Nowadays, the playing cards have many aliases, poker, poker cards, deck of cards, poker deck...