PK King S708 poker hand analyzer device

Do you know PK King poker hand analyzer? Now, there is the latest PK King S708 poker winner predictor in market. With this functional poker odds calculator, you can receive the poker game result by many ways.
There are voice model, time model, image model and shake model for your choice to know the result. As all poker analyzers in market, you can work with common mini earpiece of one to one Bluetooth earpiece to receive the game result sent from PK King S708. While PK King S708 poker analyzer also can be connected with the Iwatch and remote control. Once the PK King S708 poker hand analyzer calculating the game result, you can see the result show on the Iwatch with time model, or an image on the screen on the poker analyzer or TV screen. What is most specially, you can know the result by the shack of remote control. For example, when you playing Texas Holdem and feel the remote control shacks two times, it means the second hand is the first winner in this games.
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