Perspective poker table with secret camera lens inside

Do you know what is perspective poker table? It is a magic poker table with secret poker camera lens inside which can read regular playing cards and then present the poker faces of the face-down cards on a monitor screen. There is no need to use marked playing cards for the poker cheat.

We can install such cameras into Texas Holdem table, Baccarat table, or other poker tables. With mini size and good concealment, the cameras will not be discovered even by those who check the table carefully.

When you play poker games, turn on the cameras, and then they will read the regular playing cards you use to play from different angles. After reading the cards, they will send the cards information to a monitor in backstage. The poker faces will be shown on the TV screen.

In order to achieve success, you need to get a partner in the backstage to tell you what’s on the screen secretly through an earpiece. Knowing the poker hands of other players, you can play the following parts of the game accordingly and cautiously.

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