One to one mini Bluetooth earpiece

Have you ever used poker analyzer device? When working poker analyzer to predict the poker game result, a high privacy mini earpiece is very important.
There are many kinds of mini earpiece in market, and among them, the one to one mini Bluetooth earpiece is the best one. Unlike other normal earpiece, this one to one earpiece can working with special frequency point, so the signal it received are blocked by other earpiece, so only it can receive the information. It is very easy to operate, you just need to set the frequency point to match this magic mini Earpiece and wear it and perform at poker games as usual. This device needs to work with remote receiver. And the distance between remote receiver and the earphone can reach 25m. The color of the earphone can be close to your skin color.
This mini earpiece can be worked with various kinds of poker analyzer, like CVK poker analyzer device, AKK poker analyzer software, PK King poker winner predictor, Samsung poker odds calculator, poker analyzer Iphone, V68 poker analyzer, MDA poker out calculator and so on.