One to one barcode marked playing cards

As we know, a deck of practical marked playing cards can be a miracle tool for helping users to master and winning the whole poker card games easily. But in current marked cards, many people are knowing the marked poker cards and pay more attention in the poker card games. Is it a good way to use them? Here, we will introduce the newest undetectable marked cards poker, the one to one type for you!

From the appearance and tactility, the one to one undetectable barcode marked decks are same as the normal poker cards. However, when you use the regular poker scanner you have to scan the invisible ink barcode data on the edged side of them, it is nothing, you can not find any secret of theses magic one to one marked deck of cards. That is because this magic marked cards are specialized for the customized poker camera, only with the undetectable one to one poker scanner camera can you find the barcode information and get the accurately poker game result secretly.

All kind of poker cards can be processed as the undetectable one to one marked playing cards, such as the Copag marked cards, Modiano marked playing cards, Fournier Spanish marked poker cards, BEE luminous ink marked cards, Royal marked deck cards, ultimate Bicycle marked decks and so on.

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