Nokia barcode marked cards scanner

Cell phone playing cards scanning cameras are used widely by many poker players, because they are helpful for scanning the invisible ink barcode on the sides of barcode marked cards. Nokia cell phone marked cards scanner is one of the helpful device.
Nokia cell phone marked cards scanner camera is used widely in the world. And the brand is an old and useful cell phone. In order to meet different needs of different customers, we produced a series of long distance cell phone playing cards scanning camera. This Nokia cell phone poker camera lens can automatically scan the barcode marked playing cards with the scanning distance as large as 18cm (length) X 22cm (width). Due to the HD and HS poker camera lens inside, the Nokia poker card scanner can scan the marked barcode deck faster and more accurate.
It can be worked with different kinds of poker analyzer device in various poker card games, if you are interested in it, welcome to contact us to know more detail.