New version poker analyzer system for marked cards

This is a new version poker analyzer which can set 5 different poker games. However, as it also needs to input the same codes for each playing cards games, so it is similar to the old one in certain way.
Its excellent advantages as below:
1. This new version poker analyzer can be put 5 different poker games inside, so that you have more choices to choose the game which you want to play.
2. This new version poker analyzer has external built-in voice, so that you do not need to insert the external speaker when you test this poker analyzer software.
3. After you set poker games inside, you still can change the games and reset the games inside freely.
4. It has 2 different frequencies, so that you can use different playing cards scanning cameras to meet with different frequencies, and you can choose the better frequency in your poker analyzer and your poker scanner which be used to scanning the barcodes marked playing cards, and other people will be more difficult to check your signal.
5. It also has different languages versions, such as Chinese, English, Russian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Germany and so on, you can choose the one you need conveniently.