Marked cards analyzer PK King S708

Which marked cards analyzer can scan the barcode marking cards in hand?

Most kind of scanning camera and poker analyzer use with barcode marked cards that place on poker table, but if you want to know the game winner earlier, you should try PK King S708. PK King S708 can scan poker cards in hand.

The scanning camera inside PK S708 is different from others poker analyzer; it uses high speed lens. This lens is the key point of scanning the cards in hand.

Except for scanning barcode poker in hand, PK King S708 can set five casino game, such as Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Texas Holdem and Flush game. It can report each playing cards face up and down, or tell you the best winner, the second hand winner directly.

There are more advantages of PK King S708, if you are interested in it, you are welcome to contact us.