Modiano magic marked deck cards

There are so many marked cards in market, do you know how to select the best marked cards? Which kinds of marked deck is most suitable for you? Here, we will introduce the professional Modiano magic marked deck cards in following.
Made with the finely procession and 100% plastic material, Modiano are famous and popular in the world. They good quality and exquisite design makes them can be used up to 100 times longer than a traditional poker cards based on the plastic coated playing cards. These best Modiano marked cards fading resistant, washable as well as waterproof and will not crimp, crease or tear under normal using.
Based on the good quality of Modiano poker, we utilize the best luminous invisible ink and marked cards printer to mark them by our professional technicians. Unless working with marked cards contact lenses for playing cards or infrared sunglasses can see through invisible ink, you cannot see the invisible marks on the backsides of theses juice Modiano marked decks.
The invisible ink marks on the Modiano marked deck poker are usually be a big font, if you have special requirement, we also can customize one for you.