Marked Twilight Playing Cards

Bicycle is a famous playing brand which originated from USA. Now, the Bicycle Twilight playing cards is highly recommended. With the "new" smell, and the ultra-sleek design, if you are looking for really good decks of cards, it is one of your best choices. Because of the high quality, these professional Bicycle Twilight playing cards can be marked as the magic marked cards for invisible ink contact lenses or luminous ink glasses.

The Bicycle Twilight poker cards are the particular deck (Bicycle Twilight Green Blue) and imported from the USA. This card is rare and maybe not used widely, but it is an excellent and interesting deck to play with.

Marked Bicycle Twilight Playing Cards

With the advanced technique, we can mark the invisible ink markings on this special Twilight playing cards. If you haven't used marked cards, you will worry that if we will change the color or will damage the cards in a certain way. But here we can guarantee, after marking, no one can find any difference between the processed one and regular one, no matter from color, hand feel or pattern size.

Only you guy who already know that there is secret signal on these cards and if you prepare some luminous ink reader, you can read it, while other not, they know nothing. With this contact lenses marked Bicycle Twilight playing cards, you will the one who know all beforehand, just as you have the special power which can see through the playing cards.