Marked Poker Cards Sunglasses

Do you like wearing sunglasses? Have you ever used the magic marked poker cards sunglasses see invisible ink?

There are various kinds of invisible ink glasses that can see through playing cards in market, and for develping the best marked poker cards sunglasses, our technicians adapted the newest technic and advanced luminous ink filter to make the advanced marked playing cards with glasses. Different from the old version marked poker cards sunglasses, this new type invisible ink glasses that can detect invisible ink are develped with various colors of glasses lenses, the old version only have the purple lenses, but the new kinds have silver, yellow, dark blue, light blue as well as light purple.

Compared with the old version, this marked playing cards with glasses can help users to see the invisible ink markings more clear and more secret, and this magic invisible ink glasses are difficult to check.

No matter what environment you are in, you can use this to detect the invisible ink glasses poker cards very easily.

marked cards sunglasses