Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

There are various marked playing cards contact lenses, and the UV contact lenses are an often used trick, welcomed by many poker players all over the world. After wearing this magic poker cheating contact lenses for UV ink, Users can see those invisible UV marks burned onto the backs of normal poker cards. As for the markings, they can be printed on both plastic and paper material playing cards.

The luminous ink contact lenses is process with the original professional lenses, one of them is the Bausch & Lomb, with the advanced Sandwich and laser stained technology, the magic cards lenses only process in the middle center of the lenses that protecting users eyes from the invisible ink filter.

You can use these UV luminous contact lenses in various occasions. Generally, the invisible ink contact lenses can work best under the white-light. There is no need to worry about others around you will find the difference of your eyes color, these invisible ink pen contact lenses are customized to cater to different eyes need, they will not change the color of their eyes color. You can find the best suitable one from us.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses


1. Safer than UV glasses can see ink

2. Can see the markings clearer

3. The easiest tool in poker cheats

4. Suitable for various poker games


World Poker Tour

Gamble cheat in all poker games

Private cards game

Club cards games

Marked poker card magic show


1. Can perform best under white-light, especially the energy-saving light.

2. Before wearing these magic poker contact lenses, please make sure to clear your hand if case of infecting your eyes.

3. If you are the very first time to wear the luminous contact lenses, it is better to use it for short time and adapt them gradually. If you are adapted to them, you can use it long for 8 hours.

4. When you do not use them, please soak them in pure water.