Marked deck of playing cards for sale

Marked deck of cards is a magic device which can help user to know the cards distribution before they are dealt by the dealer in poker games. Do know how to use them?

There are different kinds of marked poker cards for sale in our GS Marked Cards Entertainment Products Limited Company. The hot sale two are back contact lenses marked playing cards and barcode marked cards poker.

For the contact lenses marked cards cheating, we can process all brands series poker cards to be invisible ink back marked deck. These magic marked cards have invisible ink concealable markings on the backsides, but people cannot find it by naked eyes, only working with the infrared luminous ink contact lenses or marked playing cards with sunglasses can detect the invisible ink for playing cards. The best marked cards can be used for long time and the markings is clear under the marked cards reader.

For the barcode marked card tricks, different from the marked deck for invisible ink cards for lenses, this is marked decks cheating devices for video poker machines, and the markings is the invisible ink barcode on their edges, that means these magic barcode luminous marked cards only can be detected by the poker camera machine and even have the best infrared contact lenses, you cannot find any secret from them. What is more, this marked playing cards cheating device can work with the poker analyzer to let you know the result of cheating card games in advance, that you can know how to increasing the winning odds in poker game.

No matter for Copag poker cards, Fournier playing cards, Modiano cards poker, KEM deck of cards, Bicycle playing poker cards etc., we can process them perfectly.