Marked Deck Card Tricks

In the poker card games, you would see someone can win the game and discard the useless playing cards as if they known the result in advance. Actually, the marked decks tricks indeed can help a poker player to do this easily.

In below 2 pictures, you will see the playing cards in the first picture is a regular poker with the face down, just same as in the poker game, you can't know what cards they are. However, in the second picture, you can find out the secret of these poker cards.

Copag 139 Playing CardsMarked Cards Copag 139

This is just one of the card tricks using marked deck, which is made specialized for the infrared contact lenses and luminous ink glasses, it means, the secret of these marked deck card tricks only can be found by these luminous ink readers instead of the naked eyes or the poker camera.

The markings on the backs of the invisible ink marked cards are made with the luminous ink which only absorbing a very narrow band (color range or light spectrum) of light, without the magic luminous ink contact lenses or glasses that can see the ink, no one can see the secret of it.

Some poker tricks to do with marked cards can be occurred in various occasions, such as the private poker game, casino playing cards game, and night party entertainment. When card tricks using marked deck are used, because only you know their secret and have the marked cards reader to detect, keep calm down and play the game as usual. If you are the very first time to use the magic marked cards tricks, maybe practice more by yourself at home until you get used to will be better.

There are so many kinds of marked playing cards tricks in market, if you want to get them from a professional and reliable manufacturer online, the rough guide to it used to be that you got what you paid for.