Marked Cards With Contact Lens

In many Hollywood movies, the tale of win with poker cheats has all signs, there are various tools is involved: high-tech infrared contact lenses, marked cards with invisible ink, perspective UV glasses and misc. Some special luminous ink marked cards are only designed to be detected by luminous marked cards contact lenses.

The invisible ink pen contact lenses of high-perspective are made with the most advanced Sandwich technology and laser staining system. By the advanced processing technique, the lenses only be dyed in the middle one, which protecting your eyes from the stain materials. So it is not harmful.

These poker cheating contact lenses are suitable for every eye and it is so soft that you can wear them confortably. No matter what color your eyes are, after wearing the infrared ink contact lenses, it will not cahnge your eyes color, you can see the surroundings nearly the natural color.

Luminous Marked Cards Contact Lenses

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