Marked cards wireless earplug

Poker analyzer can help you analyze the winning hand in Texas holdem and Omaha game, but if you want to receive the game result, you need marked cards earpiece. 

When you check the setting of your poker analyzer, you no need to use marked cards earplug, but when you use it in game, you have to receive the results secretly with mini spy earplug.

The distance between the analyzer and the earphone is 80cm. If you need a longer distance, you need to take a signal enhancer with you. One marked cards earpiece can match different poker analyzer, such as CVK poker winner analyzer and AKK poker analyzer, only if they are in the same frequency. There is one to one marked deck earplug on sale that only can match one poker analyzer system, no one can receive the game results.

No matter the normal juice cards earplug or one to one spy earpiece, both can help you hear the accurate game result quickly.