Marked cards NTP invisible ink poker

NTP cards are made in Italy. They have a stiff, plastic, and sandpaper feel to them. The feel is like a cross between a Modiano playing card and a Gemaco card. It has the thickness and texture of a Modiano card, but the plastic feeling of a Gemaco.

The color of the NTP Bridge Jumbo Index cards is a dark security red. The marking patterns Mark one big number with suit in the middle of cards, mark 4 small number with suit in four corners of cards, and ark 6 mini number with suit in white corners.

The colors on the other two decks reviewed here are also dark, but not as dark as the Jumbo deck. I have listed the ink color as "Regular" for the NTP Bridge Regular Index and Poker Long Life cards, but the red color is darker and deeper than other regular ink cards.