Marked Cards Magic

To win always in poker card games is a difficult thing, but not is doomed. There are some ways can help you. One is with the marked cards magic power.

The magic marked cards are made with the luminous invisible ink, then to be the invisible marked playing cards. Do you know their magic power? Maybe from the appearance, they just the normal cards and even you hold in hand and look them carefully from long time, you cannot find anything.

While will happen if you try to detect them with a concealable invisible ink contact lenses? The marked playing cards contact lenses also have no difference from other prescription contact lenses from the exterior design. However, if you wear this magic invisible ink contact lenses, they will concealable and your eyes will look as normal, what is more, you will see the invisible ink markings on the backs of the marked cards poker very clearly!

The marked cards magic can be used in different occasion, such as private party entertainment, poker club, poker casino.