Marked Cards Juice

Marked cards are magic and used widely all around the world. If you want to mark cards, you need to have the luminous invisible ink, what is luminous invisible ink?

It is a special ink and the markings made by this ink only can be detected by some special luminous ink reader. Sometimes, the luminous ink also called juice ink, that is because some kinds of invisible ink can be made with fruit juice, such as lemon juice ink, strawberry juice ink, orange juice ink and etc.. But usually, these friut juice ink only can be used to make a small trick to children, because compare the one to mark on the playing cards, the fruit juice ink is very inferior due to the long-lasting and effect of invisible to naked eyes.

Fruit Lemon Juice Ink

The juice marked cards supplied by the marked cards manufacturer are made with the personalized infrared luminous ink, but even the marked cards are supplied by the same manufacturer, there are also have many types of luminous ink marked cards.

1. The luminous ink barcode marked cards. This juice marked cards are customized specially, only the special marked cards scanner camera can detect this specail ink. There are UV and IR juice ink for choice, however, even they are UV or IR ink, but they are made accoradance with special specturm, only the playing cards scanning camera with the same psecturm can detect it.

Bicycle Barcode Marked Cards

2. The infrared ink contact lenses marked cards juice. This juice deck of cards are used most commonly, some people prefer to mark cards by theirself also use this ink, from the name, this is also the infrared luminous ink, however, if you use the luminous ink reader (infraed contact lenses for playing cards or marked cards sunglasses that can see invisible ink), you can detect this contact lenses marked cards, but if you want to detect the barcode marked playing cards, it is impossible and if use the scanner camera for marked cards to scan the invisible ink glasses poker, not possible too!

Fournier 2818 Contact Lenses Marked Cards

3. The infrared ink scanner back juice playing cards. The markings of these cards are same as the luminous ink contact lenses markedcards, however, if you want to use the luminous ink reader of contact lenses marked playing cards to detect this cards, you can't find any secret of them.

Long Distance Luminous Infrared Ink Marked Cards

If you are intersted in markings the poker cards by yourself at home, you can try to made the fruit juice ink for entertainment.

If you want to marked cards with the ink just for the specail contact lenses you have, try to use the card marking ink for contact lenses marked cards poker.

If you want to mark the barcode marked poker cards, only one way, to find a professional marked deck of cards supplier.