Marked Bicycle poker juice cards

Luminous marked Bicycle cards are very popular in North America. These Bicycle juice poker cards are custom with luminous ink. No one can see these marks unless they have the infrared filters, IR sunglasses or invisible ink contact lenses. The luminous ink has been perfected to work best on red cards. Blue cards will also work, but it would be harder to read. Luminous sunglasses and also your own custom glasses can be ordered from us. Contact lenses are also available but a little bit expensive.

These are great cards that can be read from at least 8ft away by just wearing marked cards contact lenses or infrared sunglasses.

We have series of Bicycle marked cards for sale, such as prestige Bicycle marked cards and standard size Rider Back Bicycle juice deck. By the way, you can send us your playing cards for us to make invisible marks.

These cards are not intended for gambling purposes, the use of these cards when gambling can get you in a lot of trouble.