Marked Bicycle Deck

When refer to playing cards, for American poker player, Bicycle cards maybe the top mentioned one. There is a saying goes that a real magician is who can use the Bicycle cards to play magic show. Is it amazing? The symbol of Bicycle playing cards is simple, 2 Angels riding bikes on the back of card.

The professional quality of Bicycle deck cards are recognized by almost all poker game players who ever use them. For instance, the standard Bicycle playing cards is a kind of paper playing cards, while playing games with them, you will feel that the hand feel of them are similar with plastic one and not easy to damage. The pattern on the backside of Bicycle standard poker cards is reregulated and hard for using them to play trick, unless with the newest technology, luminous ink. To date, the luminous ink is the advanced and best material for processing the Bicycle marked cards, the nature of luminous ink is mystery and the marks it makes are invisible to people eyes in various environment. Such as below image, we will find the even the same cards, without the special luminous ink reader, UV sunglasses acts as detector, we can't find the secret of the cards (the UV contact lenses is another marked cards reader).

Bicycle Marked Cards

With the advantage of the magic Bicycle Marked Cards, many people try to figure out how to mark the Bicycle marked playing cards for poker magic show, poker games or playing playing cards tricks to impress friends. Some people would like to process Bicycle playing cards to be Ultimate Bicycle Marked Deck, this is actually a good choice. However, compared with the luminous marked cards Bicycle:

1. the ultimate Bicycle marked cards can be found by the naked eyes, that means it has the risk that other people will know the cheating if you use them. While if you use the invisible ink Bicycle marked deck, without the help of marked cards contact lenses or infrared sunglasses, even you, can't find any track of marks.

2. the ultimate marked Bicycle cards need to add some patterns on the backside of each piece of card; it means the pattern will be changed in a tiny way. But, the luminous ink was coated with the infraed luminous invisible ink, just need a few of seconds, the ink is disappearing and no one can find the trace of them (unless using the infrared contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses that can see through the playing cards).

Marked Bicycle cards is a basic and practical marked cards kit for poker cheating, if you are interested in them and would like to buy Bicycle marked deck, please contact us.

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