Marked Bicycle Cards

Bicycle is a famous cards which regarded as special magic poker cards. What is more, many poker players prefer to using the magic Bicycle marked deck in game to increase the winning odds.

As a professional playing cards cheating device in China, there are various marked Bicycle playing cards for sale in our company. The Bicycle Prestige marked Bicycle cards in black box, the plastic Bicycle marked deck, the paper small index Bicycle marked cards and the jumbo index marked Bicycle cards. All these contact lenses marked cards are imported from USA and marked with the specialized best invisible ink recipe. Of course, the markings on the backs of these magic Bicycle marked cards can be customized. Usually we mark a big font and suit of card or four small font on the four corners of each piece of marked Bicycle playing cards.

If you want to detect the secret of these cards, only can do that with the marked playing cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink or luminous ink glasses for playing cards.