Magic power bank poker camera

If you ever used poker analyzer kit for barcode marked cards, you will realized that a functional poker camera can be excellent barcode marked decks detector for poker hand analyzer. Although there are various kinds of marked cards scanners in market, here we will introduce the magic power bank poker scanning camera with long scanning distance and large scanning range for you.

From the appearance, the power bank poker scanner camera is same as the normal one and can be used to charge for your mobile phone or other little gadgets, furthermore, it also can be used to scan the invisible ink edged marked playing cards for poker odds calculator. Different from the old version type or other poker scanning camera, this magic power bank scanner can detect the invisible ink barcode with 3D dimension. That means, no matter you hold the marked juice cards on hand or place it on table, it can be catch the barcode signal and transfer them to playing cards scanning system accurately and secretly. This magic power bank poker cards reader can be worked with various kinds of barcode marked cards or poker calculators for predicting the poker game result.

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