Magic PK King S708 playing cards analyzer for sale

PK King S708 poker hand analyzer is one of the newest poker analyzer devices in the market. You can select 5 different poker card games from the game library of this magic poker analyzer software, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush game, High cards and so on.

Comparing with other poker odds analyzer, PK S718 poker odds calculator has double marked playing cards scanning camera lenses with long scanning distance. This is one of the most important advantages for this new analyzer equipment. The scanning distance of the built-in cameras can be as long as 25cm-80cm. No other brand of poker analyzers can get such a camera with so long scanning distance.

Furthermore, the PK King S718 poker analyzer is equipped with a Bluetooth smart Iwatch, which can report the poker games result and have a time mode to show the result like the time. Different from other regular poker winner predictor, the PK King S708 poker out calculator not only have the earpiece mode for receiving the result, but also have time mode and vibrator mode to show the result for users. Which means users also can know the result by the vibrating frequency and the time on the Iwatch screen to know the playing card games result.