Magic lighter playing cards scanning camera lenses

Lighter is commonly used for smokers, do you know that this small lighter can be a magic playing cards scanning camera lens to help you for see the invisible ink barcode marked on the sides of barcode marked deck cards.
We fixed a HD playing cards scanning camera lens inside a normal lighter. This poker scanning camera lens is so small that no one will find it at all. In the playing cards games, you just need to turn in on and put it on the table and then it can scan barcode marked cards once the cards are placed into it scanning range automatically. The scanning distance between barcode marked cards and camera lens is 30-40cm.
This lighter poker scanner camera can be used with various kinds of poker analyzers, such as, CVK 500 poker analyzer device, AKK A1 poker hand analyzer, PK King poker winner predictor, Iphone poker odds calculator, Samsung poker hand odds calculator, V68 poker out calculator.