Magic infrared contact lenses for playing cards

Infrared contact lenses is one of the magic marked cards kit for seeing marked playing cards, it is very convenient to be used. Have you used ever used them before?
With this magic infrared contact lenses for playing cards, it is very easy for you to see what cards your opponents have and predict the poker game result. All the luminous ink contact lenses we supply are made with high-end moisturizing technology, which can keep your eyes moist when you using them to see the invisible ink markings on the backs of marked decks, and it can be used last for 8 hours and will not cause any harm for your eyes.
Besides for marked deck cards, theses infrared marked cards contact lenses also can be used to detect the invisible ink marks on the marked dominoes, Mahjong and others. No matter what color of your eyes, you can find the best suitable one from our company.