Magic infrared contact lenses for marking cards

Infrared marked cards contact lenses is widely used in the poker cheating area or magic poker show. It is a ripe products for many years. There are some special tools for detecting their secret, for example, the infrared luminous ink marked playing cards contact lenses.

What kind of marked cards contact lenses we have?

To meet the needs of different people, we have developed many types of invisible ink pen contact lenses for playing cards. The omnipotent invisible ink contact lenses, this one can suitable for all customers no matter what is the color of your eyes. The infrared contact lenses for black eyes, brown eyes, honey eyes, green eyes, blue eyes and so on respectively.

Will the invisible contact lenses hurt the eyes?

The contact lenses are made by our technicians are suitable for every eye and are not harmful, they are made with the most updated Sandwich technology, using the most advanced laser staining system. The word Sandwich represents the 3 layers that make up the invisible ink contact lenses, as only the middle one is dyed and thus protecting your eyes from the stain material as it will not touch them directly. It is very comfortable to wear and will not hurt the eyes.

These magic luminous marked cards contact lenses can be used to see different kinds of marked playing cards, such as the Copag marked decks, the Fournier marked poker cards, the Modiano marked cards poker, the Royal infrared marked cards, the BEE contact lenses marked deck cards, the Bicycle marked cards and so on.