Magic Fournier 2508 marked deck

Fournier 2508 marked deck are used widely in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack or other local poker card games. Here, we will introduce this magic back marked cards for you.
These magic Fournier 2508 marked deck are made with the imported playing cards from Spain. Due to the high quality available today are about to impress any poker player, they are widely used in casino, private poker game and so on . The set contains 2 decks in a plastic case, and their classic design features an elegant 4 pip European index.
There are various kinds of Fournier 2508 marked playing cards we can provide: juice marked cards for invisible ink contact lenses, barcode marked deck cards for poker camera lens, laser back marked cards and laser magic barcode juice cards, one to one infrared magic juice cards.