Luminous marked cards invisible ink

Have you ever used luminous invisible ink to mark poker cards? The marked cards invisible ink we provide are in top quality and will help you to mark the professional marked decks.
Our luminous invisible ink is excellent for making back marked cards and barcode marked cards. When you make back contact lenses marked cards, we will mark letter or fonts in their backsides and then these marks are dry. The user can wear a pair of infrared marked cards contact lenses or perspective IR sunglasses to see those marks directly and clearly. It is very convenient and safe to do this. If you use invisible ink to make barcode marked cards, you also need to use a poker printer. These barcodes are marked in the four sides that for scanning by poker cameras. At the same time, you also need to use a poker analyzer. At last, you can get the accurate game result. Invisible ink is wonderful and powerful to make marked cards. And this ink is dry quickly. We will provide you the technology supporting.
Luminous invisible ink has been used by some poker players and they use those marked cards to cheat at different games.