Luminous Ink Reader

Luminous ink is tricky and very hard to detect. If you want to detect it, "luminous ink reader" is necessary. What is the luminous ink reader? Is it easy to use? As the name hints, ''luminous ink reader" is a tool for detecting the invisible ink markings.

Usually, there are 2 main instruments of the luminous ink readers for sale, luminous ink glasses and luminous contact lenses for invisible ink.

Luminous ink glasses are the most common use luminous ink reader kit. Usually, the luminous ink glasses are designed as the regular sunglasses or even the prescription glasses. The frames are authentic glasses, no matter what brand of the glasses, it can be customized. However, the infrared luminous ink filter films on coat of the glasses lenses are actually the luminous ink reader. The infrared luminous glasses that can detect the invisible ink are very efficient and durable and safe to use. But there is a con of these magic glasses, that is, if the people around you do not trust you and they are insisted to check, when they look through your luminous ink glasses, they will see the cheat.

Luminous Ink Glasses Luminous Ink Reader - Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Luminous contact lenses are rare version luminous ink reader trick tool. different from the invisible ink glasses, the infrared luminous ink filter films are coasted on the middle of the lenses which only can cover you pupils; this luminous ink contacts will not change your eyes color after wearing, but in your version, you see red (but can distinguish items clearly), that others is very difficult to know that you have the luminous ink reader. Another difference between luminous ink glasses and infrared contact lenses is, the luminous contacts are wearing very close to your eyes, if you do not care to clear when using and storing, these contacts can cause disease, infection as well as other complications. The luminous ink contact lenses are the most professional one in China, you can enjoy the the most professsional luminous contact lenses with the most favarable price on the internet guaranteed! For different contact lenses the lifespan is different, for the professional marked cards contact lenses, if keep them properly, one pair of lenses can be used long for 18 months.

In a word, the 2 luminous ink contact lenses and luminous glasses are main trick tools of the luminous ink readers. On our website, you can find various versions of luminous ink glasses and luminous ink contact lenses! If you are interested in them, please click here to contact us!