Luminous Ink Marked Playing Cards

As a professional and experience marked cards supplier, we have the most excellent marked playing cards, invisible ink contact lenses, luminous ink sunglasses, functional poker analyzer, hidden poker camera and so on.

There are many ways to mark the playing cards, for example, mark secret ultimate markings on the backs of cards accordance with the coated pattern, using the lemon juice ink to mark luminous ink markings, burn invisible ink onto the backs of cards accordance with the coated color.

Many people buy the luminous invisible ink to mark cards personally; usually they would find the markings are visible to the naked eyes most of time, not an ideal result. At last they will choose buy the finished marked deck cards from marked cards manufacturer directly, buy this way the quality of marked decks are protected.

Why the marked cards seller can process the poker cards so perfectly?

1. To a normal people (compared with the experienced technicians), it is very hard to mark the cards perfectly. For example, the ultimate marked cards, it is very easy and just use a pen that create the mini markings on according to the discipline of the pattern of each piece of cards. But it need exclusive technique, you need to practice a lot and a lot. For the invisible ink marked cards poker, because of the different color and different patterns burned onto each piece of cards, they need to be marked with different luminous ink, take the Bicycle cards as an example, the blue Bicycle cards and red Bicycle cards need to be marked with different invisible ink recipe, this need to be mixed flexibly accordance to the real time need. How to mix the best suitable invisible ink for the cards I want to mark. One way, just try!

Ultimate Bicycle Marked Cards

2. Different from other people who mark cards with invisible ink by hand, normally, the marked cards supplier will process the marked playing cards with a whole set of stringent marked cards printer. The professional marked poker cards printer can make the stable and quality invisible ink marked playing cards.

3. Not all the time is suitable to mark cards, different from writing, you can write down what you want freely at any time, if you want to mark cards, it is better not to mark on the moist weather or rainy day, because the air humidity is big and will affect the quality of markings on the backs of cards.

Luminous Marked Cards Copag Texas Holdem

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