Loaded Dice For Sale

There are many kinds of craps games, all of them are full of uncertain and it is very difficult to know the exact result till the end. To increase the winning odds in craps games, many cheating dices are developed, the loaded dice is one of them. With loaded dices, users can take the advantage to get the result they want in most percentage, so in a certain way, the loaded dices also can be call percentage dices.

There are various types of loaded dices.

Loaded dices are processed from the regular dices but from the appearance, they have no difference with the regular one but some points of these craps will come up more often and probability would be known in advance.

Passers and Miss-outs are 2 main types of percentage craps, the former, favoring certain point numbers, it favors the right bettors (players who bet on the shooter to make the point); while the later is favoring a total of seven, it favors the wrong bettors (players who bet on the shooter to miss the point).

Taking the advantage of these professional loaded dice, the users can place the appropriate bets to win because the craps game is in his favor rather than others.

Shapes, it is the most common type of professional percetage dices, knowing meaning from the name, the shape of this crocked crap has been changed so that it is no longer cubical and when rolling it, the result will in the favor of the user.

Dice With Shaved Shape

Flats, these craps have been shaved down on one side (or even multiple sides), after shaving, the shapes of these dices are more like a brick instead of a cube. From the exterior design, they are same as the regular one because they do not require heavy shaving, 1/500 of an inch can change the percentage significantly enough and use will get a huge edge from them.

Flats Dices

Six-Ace flats is one of the most common miss-outs in use. The side 6 and side 1 of these craps are shaved down so that the face 6 and face 1 will come up more often than otherwise. With these dices, the likelihood of rolling a 7 is increased.

Craps With Six-Ace Flats

Flat Passers, these trick craps are not processed in the same way, such as, for the dices A, the side 6 and side 1 are shaved down, the dices B will be shaved down the side 3 and side 4. With these dices, the likelihood of rolling a 4, 5, 9 or 10 is increased.

Dices With Flat Passers

Two-Way Flats, they also called fast sevens or four-way sevens. Different from the cheating craps mentioned above, the shape of these kind of loaded dices are not shaved down on sides that are opposite each other, for example, if you have the dices which shave off the side 6 and side 3, once you rolling the dices, the probability of rolling 1, 3, 4 and 6 are increasing. If you use 2 Two-way flats dices in a game, the chances of rolling a total of 7 is increased.

Dice Processed With Two-Way Flats

Bevels, these are the dices with slightly rounded sides. The Bevels usually finished with the sandpapers. Because of the rounded sides, those rounded sides of the Bevels dices tend to Roll and the chance of landing on the flat sides is increased.

Bevels Dices

Cut Edges, different from the regular dice which has standard 45 degree, the dices with cut edges have angles on the edges, this difference make some area of these processed craps a larger area than the other sides, when you roll the dices, they will land on the larger side more often.

Cut Edges Dices

Loaded Dice, unlike those craps introduced above which are processed on the outside, the loaded dices are modified on the inside with some special iron powder (usually, the loaded dices are to refer any dices are modified to cheat but here it has more specific meaning). For example, if the side 6 is modified, the weight of this side will heavy and its opposite side 1 will come up more often. The professional loaded dices not only can modified for only 1 side, 2 or 3 sides on 1 dices is also can do.

Professional Dices

Investing in a pair of dices, reliable might be just what you need. Needless to say, these processed craps should be used for amusement purposes only. Please note that even in a friendly craps game, you might lose some friends (or worse) if has no proper solution.