Leather belt camera lens for barcode marked cards

Leather belt scanning camera lens is a long distance barcode marked cards scanner. This excellent belt scanning camera lens will bring a big surprise to your poker games.

A mini HD camera lens was set inside the leather belt and you can use it to scan invisible barcode marking poker cards in different kinds of poker games, such as Texas hold’em, Omaha, Andar Bahar and other games. The scanning distance of this product is 40-80cm. It scans different brand of barcode marked playing cards. For example, the Bee barcode marked deck, Bicycle barcode juice cards, invisible ink barcode Fournier cards, KEM marked barcode poker cards, luminous marked Modiano and other brands. 

What is more, this leather belt scanner is special camera that can scan moving barcode cards. In other words, it can scan the barcode cards in hand, no need to wait for the cards put on poker table.

Leather belt scanning camera is simple operation and convenient to scan barcode marked cards at poker games.