Jacket playing cards scanning camera

What kind of poker camera you have used for cheating poker games? This is a new device which is called secret jacket poker camera. It is safe and convenient for your games.
What kind of playing cards scanning camera you have used before? Here, we will introduce a updated secret poker scanner for you, it is jacket poker scanning camera.
The jacket playing cards scanner is very convenient and safe to be used in poker games. There is a high definition and high speed poker camera lens is fixed inside for scanning barcode marked deck cards. Usually, you need to work this magic jacket poker scanning camera with poker analyzer, barcode marked cards, mini earpiece as well as transmitter. The playing cards spy lens are very sensitive for barcode juiced decks, after it scanning the barcode on the edges of barcode marked decks of cards, it will send it to poker analyzer for calculating, with the help of transmitter as well as mini Bluetooth earpiece, you can know the game result before the game are dealt.
The jacket playing cards scanning camera can bring a lot of benefit of you in various kinds of playing cards games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5 and so on.