Iphone6 power bank playing cards scanning camera for sale

Power bank is a common device and many people will take them along everywhere to for emergency using, even in poker card games. For this advantage, we can process it as a secret poker bank playing cards scanning camera for barcode marked cards.
Fixed mini secret playing cards scanning camera lenses inside, the iPhone 6 power bank we provide not only can be used to charge the battery of your mobile phone, but can help you to read the barcode marked deck of cards in poker games automatically, what is more, working this Iphone6 power bank playing cards scanner with poker analyzer, you can receive the accurate poker game result conveniently and clearly in advance, while other people around cannot know anything. Iphone6 playing cards scanning camera can read invisible barcode marked cards in a highly hidden way and can keep working with fast scanning speed last for 3 hours.
This magic Iphone6 playing cards scanner can be work with various kinds of poker analyzer, such as CVK poker analyzer device, AKK poker analyzer software, V68 poker winner predictor, MDA marked cards analyzer, PK King poker hand analyzer and so on.