Iphone 5 poker scanning camera

Do you know that Iphone 5 cell phone can be served as a playing cards scanning camera for helping to scan barcode marked cards? It is a secret poker scanner which has a HD and HS poker camera lens inside.
This Iphone5 poker card camera is a real mobile phone so you can use it to make a call, send message as well as other functions which a regular cell phone have. When you using it in poker card games, working it with poker scanning system as well as barcode marked deck cards, you can be a poker game soothsayer. you just need to put in on the poker card table and towards it to the barcode marked playing cards, it will scan the invisible ink markings on the edges of barcode playing cards and send their barcode data to poker analyzer for analyzing, quickly, you can receive the accurate poker game result through mini earpiece.
The scanning distance of Iphone 5 poker scanning camera can be customize, if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us to know more.