Invisible Pen Glasses And Infrared Ink

Have you ever used the cardboard magic glasses that you can buy from the local store for comics? Here, there are the newest type luminous ink glasses, which have the same appearance as regular sunglasses, for sale to detect the invisible ink markings. These infrared glasses that displayed invisible ink message for only you to read. With the luminous ink and invisible pen glasses, you can actually write secret message and view them with the luminous ink glasses with special technology.

Do you remember the cardboard magic glasses that you could get from the local comics store? You know the ones that displayed invisible messages for only you to read? It was always fun to see what secret message they would decode. What if those glasses weren't just a toy? What if you could actually write secret messages and view them with special technology?

This is truly a reality with the invisible ink pen and stylish invisible ink glasses, and it could not have come any quicker.

Invisible Pen Glasses And Infrared Ink

What is the invisible pen glasses use for?

Do you have any secret want to write down and concern about Johnny figuring out them crush? Do you have marked secret markings on items but do not want others to detect? That is why invisible ink technology is so important today, with the invisible ink pen, you no need to worry about anyone copying the message you record down or the detecting what you mark.

How invisible ink works?

The invisible ink is visible under a certain environment, when you use it to write or mark, you are able to write the markings or information in a spectrum which is invisible to naked eyes, you can write on surface of any items while others cannot find it if they do not have specialized luminous enhancing sunglasses for invisible ink. All these invisible ink glasses are stylishly designed to resemble common sunglasses but different from them, because of the magic capability to see the spectrum that the luminous infrared ink is displayed in, that is they can be worn as usual to reveal the invisible ink writing or marking.

Luminous Infrared Ink

Some things you could do with these luminous ink and infrared glasses include: preventing confidential projects from being leaked to competitors; planning out surprise events for unknowing recipients; jotting down private notes to yourself; or even drawing schematics for a device that is in development. And due to this omnipotent nature, someone will use the luminous ink to write down answers to a test and known them by invisible pen glasses; most of poker players like using this special ink to mark cards (mark special markings on the backs of cards which shown the number and suit of each piece of card), from the exterior design, no one can find their secret, only the user with poker cheating glasses that can detect them and to know the cards in advance, take this advantage, the user can get an edge in the poker game, increasing the winning odds and avoid the risk of losing much money.

If you have the infrared invisible ink and a pair of invisible pen glasses, what do you want to use it for?